The worst place to eat and drink in Saint Martin Vesubie

12. July 2020 Restaurant Review,Reviews

One of the worst things I know is getting seriously disappointed at a restaurant or bar. Even worse if I am on vacation and want to spend a good time with people I like. 

In Saint Martin Vesubie there are many great places and there are a few places you should stay away from. The most horrible bar/restaurant we have in Saint Martin Vesubie is Brasserie Des Alpes Snak, which is a big place located on the main square on the ground floor of a deserted hotel.

I have only been there once and that was before we moved to Saint Martin Vesubie. I had been up hiking and needed something to eat before going back to Nice. Firstly, I waited forever before getting any attention at all and then waited a very long time before my pizza finally arrived. At that time I had only 20 minutes left before the bus left for Nice. 

But I didn’t eat anything, because the experience I had when the “waiter” served the pizza made me lose my appetite completely. He came with the pizza and a smoking cigarette in the same hand. Furthermore, the glass with my beer and the cutlery was dirty and greasy. 

When I came back home and looked the place up on Tripadvisor, I understood that what I had experienced was pretty much the norm at that place.

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Worst restaurant in Saint Martin Vesubie

So despite the prime location on the main square in Saint Martin Vesubie I strongly recommend that you don’t waste your time and money there.

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